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Book now your holiday in Tuscany in this wonderful exclusive residence on the sea in the Island of Giglio in the province of Grosseto in Tuscany

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Looking for an Exclusive Residence in Tuscany for your next vacation?
Rent now this wonderful exclusive residence.

Giannutri is a very small paradise
, it is 500m large and more or less 5km long and has a half-moon shape. It stands aside compared to the other islands of the Tuscan archipelago but thanks to its geographical distance it is a very special place, perhaps unique and inimitable. It is the ideal place for excursions and is attended by sky drivers charmed by its depths. In the past Giannutri has already charmed the Romans who built a port and beautiful patrician villas. The sea is still keeping wrecks of their ships. The beauty of its depths and the variety of the ichthyic species give the possibility to do the most beautiful immersions. The depths contain falaises, caves, meadows of Poseidonia, sea fans, sea roses, sea horses, sea stars, corals, sea urchins, dentexes, sargas, sponges but also wrecks. It is possible to meet dolphins, a whale or a turtle too. Giannutri is a real nature place, a marine park and is controlled and protected by the authorities to keep its rich natural patrimony and to avoid the sea and town planning spoliations. Adjacent to the ruins of an ancient Roman villa dating back to the Dominitian period stands an exclusive and tastefully furnished residence. The island of Montecristo and the island of Giglio are in the background. The apartments are completely independent with a relaxing corner. The residence is immersed in a tranquil and quiet Mediterranean oasis where roads are closed to traffic. Enjoy an unforgettable stay at Residence Giannutri. The villa is made up of 5 apartments and the landowner’s house. Up to 14-15 people can be accommodated.

Don't miss the chance to spend your next vacation in Tuscany. If you wish to receive more information before booking your holiday in this exclusive residence in Tuscany, contact our dedicated staff who will be able to provide you with all the information necessary to proceed with the rent.

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