Terms and Conditions

General Condition of Lease

1. Agency Ville Casali Group
Ville Casali Group is authorized to act as an agent to enter into leases in the interests of the owners as contractual agreements entered into with each owner individually. The minimum rental period is generally one week from Saturday to Saturday, however in certain properties, it is possible to book stays with different arrival and departure on Saturdays. In this case the minimum stay required may be less than a week. This information can be found in the price list displayed in Euro for each individual unit.

The vacationer deals with his booking directly with Ville Casali Group or through the agencies authorized to act in the name and on behalf of Ville Casali Group.

Upon confirmation of the reservation the vacationer pays a guarantee deposit of 50% of the rental price to the Owner. The remaining will be paid at least 30 days before the beginning of the lease, and then a coupon for the lease will be sent to the vacationer. Concerning reservations made less than 30 days before the beginning of the lease, the vacationer will have to pay the entire amount immediately.

One must remember that the lodgings proposed by the Owners are not official tourist structures like hotels, residences, etc. but private houses. It is for this reason they do not posses a standard or international recognized category, but they mirror the architectonic style and furnishing of the local tradition and of the Owner’s personal taste. And this is the type of vacation Ville Casali Group wants to propose: one of discovery of the local culture and life style, if only for a few weeks, in the same environment as the person who lives there. In order to live this experience at its best, it is important that the vacationers accept and appreciate the possible differences which may arise between the lodgings proposed by the Owners and those where they usually live. On its behalf, Ville Casali Group has been careful to select such lodgings with criteria in which the European citizen and the citizen of the World may find great satisfaction. Nevertheless, there is the possibility that these differences may create some uneasiness, which- being connected to the characteristics of the architecture and local traditions - cannot be accepted as complaints. The holiday acknowledge that you have read the villa and are fully aware of the environment (stairs, railings, pool, etc ...) and assume the responsibility to provide at his own expense to the safety of the places in accordance with the their needs totally exempting the property from any liability regarding any accidents or injuries, and working at their own expense to restore the original state of places.

The Rental Booking is concluded by Ville Casali Group for the interest of the owner who has given his consent to do so as individually stipulated contractual agreements, at the prices indicated on the web pages displayed on the website www.villecasali.com. The prices in Euro have been established on the basis of market conditions at the time of making the rental announcements on the website www.villecasali.com. The minimum rental period is generally one week, from Saturday to Saturday. In particular cases, each owner reserves the right to accept bookings for a minimum of three days, except for some cases that report the daily cost. The rental prices are per accommodation and per week and are divided according to the seasonality shown on the web pages. All extra costs (indicated in the description of each individual property), are not included in the rental price and must be paid directly on the spot to the owner or his representative upon arrival, unless otherwise agreed in writing on booking. Rental prices are an integral part of these General Conditions of Rental; the agencies or operators are not authorized to modify the rental prices in any way.

If not specified in the lodging description schedules for arrival/departure are the following: Arrival: Saturday from 16.00 to 20.00. Departure: Saturday from 8.00 to 10.00. Every change has to be reported to the Owner, and approved by him/her at least 1 day in advance. In case of unpredictable delay the Saturday of arrival, the vacationer will have to notify the Owner by phone. If the Owner or his/her representative are not traceable and the delay cannot be communicated or should the Owner refuse to accept the delay, the vacationer will have to bear the costs for a night in hotel. Should the Owner or his/her representative be compelled to make an unexpected move, then he/she may ask the vacationer for the reimbursement of his/her expenses.

On arrival the vacationer will have to show the coupon for the lease, a passport or ID card to the Owner or to his/her representative in order to register his or her presence as required by law.

The holidaymaker must have paid the security deposit established in the contract to Ville Casali Group by bank transfer, in EUROS, as indicated in the contact. This deposit will be returned to him on his departure after deduction of any damage caused to the accommodation and any additional costs not included in the rental price. The owner or his representative will refuse entry to the house to the vacationer who has not paid the security deposit. If a vacationer leaves early, Ville Casali Group is authorized to return the security deposit by bank transfer (less any damages and additional costs) only after having checked the inventory and the accommodation. Ville Casali Group declines all responsibility in the event of disputes regarding the deposit between the vacationer and the owner.

Only when the vacationers will have been properly registered at the competent authorities will they be allowed to lodge in the property. The number of vacationers (adults and children) cannot be superior to the number of beds indicated in the description on the web pages, except for children up to the age of 2, provided that the vacationer brings a cot and the necessary bed linen. Possible exceptions are indicated on the web pages. If not previously arranged with the Owner, any change of person during the lease period is forbidden. When making the reservation the vacationer will have to inform the Owner about animals (type and size). Animals will be admitted in the structures as indicated by the respective symbols in the description. The vacationer has to look after his/her pets when taken to common spaces inside the property and to make sure the Owner is informed by any possible damage committed by the same.

Lodgings are delivered clean and in perfect order. The vacationer has to pay the amount to the Owner or his/her representative (in Euro currency) regarding the cleaning of lodging as indicated on the web pages (where the form requires it). The amount doesn't include the cleaning of the kitchen and garbage removal, which should be carried out by the vacationer. Failing these conditions the Owner or his/her representative is entitled to demand an extra expense in addition to the amount due. Due to the energetic supplies situation and the current laws in Italy, the use of heating (period of lighting, turning off, temperature) is regulated by laws which vary from region to region. Generally the heating system works from November to April. Heating, which is never included in the lease price, will therefore be available in this period.

If necessary the Owner, or his/her representative may have to enter the property to carry out certain operations of maintenance (garden, swimming pool, etc...) and to check the good functioning of the systems.

The cancellation of a reservation, even if replaced by another, involves the payment of the following penalties: 50% of the total rent in case of cancellation from the confirmation of payment of the reservation; 70% if the cancellation is communicated between 59 and 30 days before the start of the rental period; 80% if the cancellation is communicated between 29 and 25 days before the start of the rental period; 100% if the cancellation is communicated within 24 days before the start of the rental period, plus any other extras.

Each lodging has been visited and checked by Ville Casali Group. The descriptions in the web pages are correct and compiled in good faith; Ville Casali is not liable for possible changes brought by the Owner and unknown to the same, except when there is an impossibility of total or partial execution of the contract when the vacationer is not interested in having a partial execution of the same. In case of problems, the vacationer is forced to do the best he/she can, resolving and minimizing the dilemma so as to avoid prejudices that could arise. The vacationer must grant the necessary time to let the Owner resolve the possible problem, as vacationers who leave the premises before the date agreed, will lose every right to a possible reimbursement, unless he/she has a legal cancellation right. Should the vacationer raise objection at the end of the stay, he will lose any right to reimbursement. In the case of situations beyond the Owner’s control, in which he will be compelled to cancel the reservation of his premises, the Owner, in accordance with the vacationer, will then assign him/her a peer category lodging, providing that the Owner is able to offer such solution to the vacationer. If the substitutive lodging price is lower, the Owner will reimburse the difference to the vacationer. If an agreement between the two parts cannot be found, they will be authorized to cancel the contract. The Owner will refund the vacationer the lease price paid only and not any other kind of reimbursement.

14. Juridical Competence
For whatever controversy regarding reservation or lease, the place of jurisdiction is the city of Arezzo. The Italian law is applicable. Reservation implicates the knowledge of the General Ville Casali Group Conditions and involves their acceptance without exception. Should any of the conditions of this contract be or become void or if a default occurs, the effectiveness of the remaining conditions cannot be summoned.

The site
The Ville Casali website is owned and managed by Ville Casali, with registered office in Foiano della Chiana, Via Conicchio, 7 Arezzo. The use of the Site by the user is subject to these conditions (the "Conditions of Use") and access to the Site presupposes recognition and acceptance of the Conditions of Use. Ville Casali does not provide guarantees of any kind (express or implicit) regarding the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information, software, services and in general the content of the Site, except for what is mandatorily established by the laws protecting of consumers. Ville Casali will periodically update the Site, and expressly reserves the right to modify it, in whole or in part, at any time and without notice. The sale of products and services through the Site is governed by the Conditions of Sale.

Access restrictions
Ville Casali reserves the right to refuse, without notice and at its sole discretion, access to any user to the Site, or any part thereof.

Trademarks & Copyrights
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Modification of the conditions of use
Ville Casali reserves the right to modify the Conditions of Use at any time.

Limitation of Liability
Except as mandatorily established by law, Ville Casali assumes no responsibility in relation to damages of any kind, direct or indirect, deriving from inaccuracies, inaccuracies or errors in the Contents, from the delay or inability to use the Site, from the provision or l failure to provide services on the Site, or in any case connected with the use of the Site.

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