Seafront saracen Tower vacation rental

Vacation saracen seafront tower for rent with a spectacular 360 degrees view close to Talamone. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms up to 6 people

Seafront saracen tower vacation rental close to Talamone, Tuscany

Are you looking for a exclusive saracen seafront tower in Maremma, Tuscany close to Talamone for your next vacation?
Here is this stunning tower for rent with an amazing 360 view.
Rent now this wonderful tower in Maremma, Tuscany.

The Tuscan Archipelago is the first underwater park ever, the largest protected area of ??all European seas measuring hectares and hectares of sea and ground water. It is composed of large and small islands and rocks simple. The main islands - Elba, Giglio, Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa, Giannutri, Gorgona.The unique and exclusive tower in the Natural Park of Maremma SeasideIf you are a nature lover or an avid horseback riding, if you think you can give up the pleasure of comfort of everyday life, choose our club: do not, but live an unforgettable holiday.Once here, in the depths of the Mediterranean, where wild boar and deer are at home, strolling by the sea, listen to the music of the wind and discover the smells and flavors of the not miss the chance to experience trekking on horseback in a cowboy company (local cowboy), discover the beauty of the park by mountain bike or even try fishing tourism, snorkelling and diving. Last but not least, you can enjoy some of the best dishes of Tuscan cuisine, prepared by Stella, our guardian and excellent cook.
Private Saracen Tower la Torre can accomodate 6 sleeps, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining room with kitchenette and fireplace, on the third floor of a glass-walled room that offers a breathtaking 360 ° panoramic view of the sea, the landscape and the archipelago Tuscan.

Don't miss the opportunity to spend your next vacation rental in Tuscany in this seafront saracen tower. If you wish to receive more information before booking your holiday in this seafront tower in Tuscany, contact our dedicated staff who will be able to provide you with all the information necessary to proceed with the rent.

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Our club also offers accommodation in an evocative watchtower, the only one in the park which can be rented.Made of stone and circular in shape, it is divided into three floors. On the ground floor, there is a dining room with kitchenette and fireplace; on the first floor a double bedroom with bathroom; on the second floor a single and double bedrooms sharing the bathroom; on the third floor a glazed room offering a breathtaking 360° panoramic view of the sea, Tuscan landscape and archipelago.
Isolated and placed on the top of a hill, our watchtower is the only type of accommodation with a kitchenette. Otherwise you may opt for the full board and pay an additional charge.Coming from the north

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Do not miss the chance to experience trekking on horseback in a cowboy company (local cowboy), discover the beauty of the park by mountain bike or even try fishing tourism, snorkelling and diving.Last but not least, you can enjoy some of the best dishes of Tuscan cuisine, prepared by Stella, our guardian and excellent cook.Paul, the fisherman
Do not miss a full day experience as a real fisherman. You will have the possibility to transport networks, clean and cook fish, visit the impressive cliffs of the Natural Park of Maremma, feed the turtles.
A horse with a cowboy
Why not try an early morning run? A cowboy (local cowboy) will guide you through interesting routes and will help you discover the beauty of the Natural Park of Maremma.cold meal
Lunch at Park is a cold meal: Stella, our caretaker, will bring to you wherever you are, in a picnic basket. The menu is different every time.sunbeds
The park is located on a cliff and has direct access to its pebbly beach, equipped with sun loungers.Dinner of wild boar
Every night, around 19:00, Stella and Antonio, our guardian, feed a family of wild boars (three generation) based their "call" right away.
       Italian MaremmaIf you really want to enjoy the Maremma region, only to forget the everyday life and relax. The area is extremely rich in interest, evocative: here is what we strongly recommend!You can not miss a visit to the Natural Park of Maremma!TALAMONE FORTRESS
Built on top of the hill town during the dominion of Siena (XVI sec.), La Rocca, it is a building of four sides with powerful corner towers. It offers breathtaking views of the rocky coastline close, Argentario Promontory and the Tuscan Archipelago.Etruscan temple OF Talamonaccio
Legend has it that Talamone originated from an ancient greek hero, Telamon, who landed here with the Argonauts in search of the golden Fleech. The city of Talamone whose Etruscan name was Tlamu (Telamon for the Romans), was lying on a low rocky promontory, overlooking the Argentario Bay and extended between two hills, and Bengodi Talamonaccio. Its port was the most important of the area and was the only source of goods to the hinterland. Nowadays just any traces of the ancient city, save the gable of his Etruscan temple that is kept at the tourist information center of Orbetello.TALAMONE AQUARIUM
If you are interested in the underwater wildlife and its fragile ecosystems, make a stop at the aquarium. You discover the secrets of the nearby lagoon of Orbetello and learn something more about this fascinating world.Argentario
Once an island, the cape was later connected to the mainland by two narrow strips of land (tomboli), Giannella and Feniglia north to south, which has also delimited the maritime area - the Orbetello lagoon - between Monte Argentario the mainland. Promontory is mainly characterized by Mediterranean vegetation, although some areas are cultivated (olive groves, vineyards, fruit trees). If you happen to visit the Argentario promontory, you can not miss the beautiful coastal town of Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole. Once a fishing village, Porto Santo Stefano, set like a precious stone in a picturesque inlet north and is a ferry port for those connecting the islands of Giglio and Giannutri. Located in the south, Porto Ercole still testifies of its Etruscan origins and is famous for its powerful fortifications, real masterpieces of architecture (Fortress, Forte Filippo, Forte S. Caterina, Forte Stella). We highly recommend a walk along the harbor and through the ancient city.ORBETELLO AND ITS LAGOON
Bounded by two strips of land (Feniglia and Giannella), once the capital of the Spanish "Presidios" Orbetello is another example of his past history with its walls, Medina Coeli door, Palace of Spain and Guzman gunpowder. The cathedral dates from 1376 and is in typical late Gothic style. But the main feature of Orbetello Lagoon, a WWF area, most often populated by migratory birds.Etruscan and medieval towns
Last but not least, if you are interested in Etruscan, Roman and medieval history, you will have the opportunity to visit Sovana famous for its grave Ilebrando, the city of Cosa in Ansedonia Roselle, Saturnia, Vulci, Tarquinia, Pitigliano, Massa Marittima, Volterra etc.

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Date Range Season Daily Price Weekly Price Min. Nights
29.03.20 - 10.04.20 Medium 357,50 € 2.500,00 € 2
10.04.20 - 13.04.20 High 357,50 € 2.500,00 € 2
14.04.20 - 27.06.20 Medium 357,50 € 2.500,00 € 2
28.06.20 - 05.09.20 High 357,50 € 2.500,00 € 2
06.09.20 - 15.10.20 Medium 357,50 € 2.500,00 € 2
16.10.20 - 22.12.20 Low 286,25 € 2.000,00 € 2
22.12.20 - 06.01.21 High 357,50 € 2.500,00 € 2
Booking Rules:
Minum Stay: 2 nights
Forewarning: 0 days

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