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Book now your vacation in Terracina in Lazio in this beautiful private villa on the sea in Terracina in the province of Latina in Lazio.

rents private seaside villa in affitto a Terracina in Lazio

Looking for a villa in Lazio for your next vacation?
Here is this villa near the sea Latina, Lazio.
Rent this wonderful villa now.

Oldest home for holiday with sea’s view 

Terracina rent Oldest home of 1892, completely renovated with amazing view on the sea and a beautiful natural park located into the nature savage.

The property is located to the margin of the Park of Monti Ausoni and Lake of Fondi, situated in a unique position that dominated from the high ( 400mt on the level sea) the city of Terracina, the Gulf of Circeo and the Isles of Ponza and Palmaroia.

The distance from the centre of Terracina and from the sea is of 10 km, 28km from Sperlonga and 25km from San Felice Circeo.

The home of stone is located in the intern of a property of about 40000mq., it is completely wall rich of vegetation with plants of high trunk: cypress, oaks, fruit trees and flowers of different qualities, and beautiful Olives that you can see with a contrast with the background of the sea, around of the property and in the garden there are a lot of areas to relax and for to eat.
The property have a fantastic route for to walk or to run with the mountain bike and see  the sea and the nature surrounding.  
The city of Terracina is situated on the Pontine Marshes meridional on the hill, on the south of the promontory of Circeo, to the proximity the mouth of the river Amaseno, on the Tyrrhenian coast (Gulf of Gaeta); the city developed from a spur of Monte Sant'Angelo, where lies the old town, up to Circe waterfront.

Terracina is a tourist-old town, a destination for visitors coming mainly from northern Europe, Russia and the neighboring region.

The town of Terracina is the first in the province for number of dwellings that can be used for holiday.

Don't miss the chance to spend your next vacation in Lazio in this villa. If you want to receive more information before booking your holiday in this villa in Lazio, contact our dedicated staff who will be able to provide you with all the information necessary to be able to rent this villa.

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Services that there is in the price: breakfast, governess, gardener, video-monitoring, alarm’s implant intern and extern. 
Services extra: to buy Oil extra vergine d’Oliva, auto service, make lunch - dinner with products natural biologic .

In the total the property has 2 bedrooms with king bed , a single room, 1 dependance, 2 bathrooms , 1 kitchen, sitting room and a living oh the ground floor. 

Available on the require: a extra dependance with sea view composited with a rooms with sofa-bed for two people, study and televisor. 

Area barbecue furnished, oldest oven for pizzas and cooking roast. 

On the ground floor 1 room-reading with chimney and poltroon - bed, on require is possible add a sofa-bed with a bed of 1,40m;
always on the floor there are 1 cooking  furnished and from here you can go on the lunch-room that has a table with 12 chairs, with oldest chimney and poltroons for relax.
On the first floor there is a big room studio/tv with poltroons and sofa-bed of 1,40 tv LCD with DVD and implant stereo with wi fi.
On require oh the studio you can add a sofa-bed.

1 big room on the first floor with 2 single bed of 1,40 possibility to add another bed.
1 little room on the first floor with double bed  of 1,60 m with wardrobe  of 2,50 m. At the service of all the clients Room independent with 1 room on the ground floor (1 person) poltroon - bed with table.

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The main activities, besides tourism, are fishing, agriculture (vegetables and flowers), the buffalo breeding for the production of mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and services.

The succession of fertile valleys and karst plateaus between the mountains and the sea Ausoni allow the cultivation of niche products such as strawberry Favetta Terracina or the excellent Moscato di Terracina; to these it was added specialized agriculture in the territories acquired after the reclamation of the Pontine Marshes.

Heating costs € 4 sq.m.
Cost of service person € 15 hours

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Date Range Season Daily Price Weekly Price Min. Nights
28.06.24 - 03.09.24 High 446,25 € 3.125,00 € 2
04.09.24 - 16.10.24 Medium 375,00 € 2.625,00 € 2
17.10.24 - 20.12.24 Low 321,25 € 2.250,00 € 2
20.12.24 - 23.12.24 Low 321,25 € 2.250,00 € 2
24.12.24 - 07.01.25 High 446,25 € 3.125,00 € 2
Booking Rules:
Minum Stay: 2 nights
Forewarning: 0 days

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  • Pets allowed Pets allowed
  • Mountain-bike hire Mountain-bike hire
  • Internet Wi-Fi Internet Wi-Fi
  • Laundry service Laundry service
  • Dishwasher Dishwasher
  • Seaside Seaside
  • Mountain Mountain
  • Trekking Trekking
  • Heating Heating
  • Telephone Telephone
  • TV TV
  • Enogastronomic tours Enogastronomic tours
  • Private villa Private villa
  • House maid House maid
  • Private car park Private car park
  • Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
  • Garden Garden
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  • 40.00 Km.

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