How to Book

1 Select the dates of arrival and departure by clicking on the icon Book Your Vacation, this “intelligent” calendar will allow you to select the date of arrival and departure by opening one single calendar; Click on the date of arrival and then click on the date of departure and then click Apply, in the box there is some detailed information on the property, and then click Request Availability.

2 A window or pop up window opens where you enter and verify that all personal data are correct, you can add any required extras to the notes and select the type of travel insurance you want, then click on Request Availability. (Attention: sending is not a booking confirmation but a request)

3 Automatically you will receive your reservation request sent with all the details by email, with the booking traceability service, this service has been designed to verify the efficiency of our staff, the vacationer can verify the status of his request if it has been Opened, Optioned, or Confirmed with the name of the responsible operator.


To check the traceability service (3), you must Register in the entry so you can check the status of your Booking Request, consult all the properties you have included among the favorites, receive emails of new structures entered, with offers and holiday package ideas from the Ville Casali Network Group.

Once we receive the booking request, our staff will confirm your booking by sending you by email all the necessary information regarding payment regulations and the details of the chosen structure.

2. Booking Request by Telephone

Calling the number +39 0575 66582 our Ville Casali staff will guide you in the best way possible by suggesting one of the 800 structures, on the basis of your most personal needs.

3. Booking Request by Watzup

If you do not have a personal e-mail address, you can send your booking request by Watzup with your Smartphone or application via Ipad or computer.
Browse through the website in order to search for the best holiday solution; once you have chosen the structure that you wish to book:
1 Click on the link : 

Once the booking request has been received, our staff will confirm the book by sending you a fax with all the necessary information related to payment methods and the details of the structure selected.
At any time it is possibile to speak with our staff in the booking center in order to receive assistance and deal with specific individual requests. Our operators have specialized geographical and logistical knowledge, thanks to the experience they have gained in the organization of exclusive holidays in private homes and luxury villas, honeymoons and wedding preparations in prestigious villas.

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